Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Family Genetics

When I'm looking in the mirror I see more of my dad in me. My dad and I both have brown eyes, the same nose, and jaw line. But emotionally I feel like I'm most similar to my brother and mother, we can all be very sensitive at times.
When I asked my aunt about my family health, She told me that we have have skin cancer running through our family. Which is obviously scary, but it runs in a lot of families. I'm mostly scared of getting skin cancer, because I am allergic to sunscreen.
When looking at my mom I can tell that we both have a lot of freckles, but not very much more traits. When looking at my dad I can tell that we both have brown eyes, straight hair, and face shape. My oldest relative that I know of is my grandpa Pete, he lived till around 84. I'm most like my dad, because we have the same hobbies. So in all I'm most like my dad.

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