Friday, March 3, 2017

Fathers genetics

My dad Personally was most similar to has fathers because they had the same dreams and ambitions. My dad has multiple siblings, but they are only half siblings. So he has no full brothers or siblings, which means we really can't compare them. My mom and dad don't really know what features they had, because they passed when I was born, and we don't have any pictures of them. But I do know that my dad got his straight hair from his dad because my grandma has curly hair.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Moms History with Genetics

When talking to my mom I asked her some questions about her family before me.
My mom doesn't have a great history with her mom, so we couldn't figure out who she was most like. But with all the stories I have heard from my mom about my grandma (that I never got to meet), my mom doesn't seem anything like her.
When my mom was born till elementary school she had blonde hair, and that reminds me of myself. When I was little I used to have blonde hair but it grew to be a light ash brown.
My mom and I don't have much in common because she has a lot of recessive genes and I have a lot of dominant genes (most likely comes from my dad). Like her blue eyes which she most likely gets from her grandpa.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Health in my family

When interviewing my aunt, we were talking about the health in our family. I found out that skin cancer and diabetes runs in my family. She told me that my great grandpa died from skin cancer, and my aunt has diabetes. It's very likely for me to have skin cancer because I am allergic to sunscreen.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Family Genetics

When I'm looking in the mirror I see more of my dad in me. My dad and I both have brown eyes, the same nose, and jaw line. But emotionally I feel like I'm most similar to my brother and mother, we can all be very sensitive at times.
When I asked my aunt about my family health, She told me that we have have skin cancer running through our family. Which is obviously scary, but it runs in a lot of families. I'm mostly scared of getting skin cancer, because I am allergic to sunscreen.
When looking at my mom I can tell that we both have a lot of freckles, but not very much more traits. When looking at my dad I can tell that we both have brown eyes, straight hair, and face shape. My oldest relative that I know of is my grandpa Pete, he lived till around 84. I'm most like my dad, because we have the same hobbies. So in all I'm most like my dad.